PIV Chains, Wire grid Systems, Maharashtra, India.

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PIV Chains & Alloy Steel Drive Chain

The durable alloy steel drive chain features a unique design. Chain links contains packs of hardened steel slats which slide freely from side to side to conform with grooves in the wheel faces. This unique self forming tooth capability results in positive no slip transmission and long chain life

• All Steel Chains
•Through Hardened & Tempered
• Import Substitute
• High Speed Performance

Applications of P. I. V.
1] Textile Industries : (a) Steuters (b) Blow Room Machinery (c) Processing Machinery (d) Texturising Textile Machinery
2] Packaging & Corrugating Industries : (a) Rotary Sheet Cutters
3] Food Processing Industries : (a) Biscuit making machine (b) Stacking Machine
4] Glass Industry
5] Paper and Pulp Industry
6] Coal and Mining Equipments
7] Rubber Machinery
8] Rotary Printing Machinery
9] Chemical & Pharmaceuticals
10] Cement Plants
11] Oil Refineries
12] Thermal Power Plants

Also use in following machines.
ire testing, Tractor, Feeder, Insulating boards, Textile printing machine, Rotary Cutting and Printing machine, Tank farm, Gas fractionating, Refineries, Industrial oil, Production flows, Battery production, Press machine, Injection machine, Calender, Extruder, Powder coating, Stranding machines offset printing, Laboratory systems, Wire machine plant etc.

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